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Gamer News Opinion: Playstation Now………

Recently at the Sony CES (Consumer Electronics Show) press conference, gamers where finally presented with the end result of Sony’s purchase of streaming service Gaikai, Playstation Now.  Playstation Now will be a streaming service that will eventually allow for PS1,PS2,PS3, and PS4 games to be played on Sony devices via a internet connection. As of now the service is restricted to PS4 and PS3 consoles and then will expand to PSVita, Sony Bravia TVs, Sony tablets and smartphones and at some point non-Sony devices.  That final piece is interesting and puzzling, streaming playstation games on sony devices okay, but streaming playstation games on potentially a windows computer or surface tablet…….interesting.  The only pothole in this roadmap is it’s main component, Internet streaming.  In the U.S. getting good internet can be very expensive and is known to go out from time to which is a problem with nearly all internet providers, granted Sony is claiming that the base required internet connection is 5mbps so not a high wall to climb for gamers interested but with the before mentioned factors of price and consistency there is still a barrier.  Personally, if Sony came out and said that EVERY game that they have ever had on all of their products is now available on PSN then I would believe that as a proper way to preserve their entertainment legacy, not internet streaming.  But who knows, perhaps in the future America will have a better internet strength but for know I’d rather just have the digital download option.  So please tell me your opinions on this I am dying to here, Stay Golden and Game on.

Gamer News Opinion: Video Games: A Garnered Luxury

As a member of the rapidly changing scope that is gaming, I have to take a step back and look at the wider picture of this vein of entertainment.  For the past twenty years gaming has crawled from a passable and laughable pastime which was lucrative but not taken seriously by anyone not interested, to a form of entertainment which has been brought to a plateau that is beginning to encroach on fellow forms of media and entertainment such as film, novels, and television. This leads me to question how serious should the field of electronic entertainment be taken? Obviously as with anything that makes money it will be brought to a certain level of significance, but how much should the individual praise this pastime.  Not to say that something that is enjoyed needs to have significant values, (bubble wrap anyone…..), but opinions and issues need to be reigned in and not taken so seriously. Yes, art,film,literature, and now video games are all wonderful avenues of expression and entertainment, and of course anything that makes money will be pushed to a certain level of seriousness, I ask does it need it?  Please tell me your opinions on this matter,

As Always Stay Golden and Game on,

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Gamer News Opinion: Video games pillar of morality?


Earlier in the year there was a game called Killer is dead, a title by veteran game creator Suda 51.  Like most of Suda’s games there is a level of sexuality represented in his medium.  (Case in point below are two alternative costumes for two supporting characters of the game)


However in this particular game there is a certain mode which has been received with a certain level of controversy granted not a large amount but controversy none the less.  In the game there is a mode called “Gigolo Mode”.  In this mode you date attractively depicted women in different settings which consist of a bar and other similar locations.


During the date you must take quick looks at the women’s private parts while she isn’t looking to gain guts represented by blood flowing to your brain, when you have enough guts you can use glasses which allow you to see through the women’s clothing at her undergarments.  Another meter is also filling up while all this is happening which represents your date’s “Chemistry” for lack of a better word, to increase this the player can shower her in gifts such as jewelry,perfume and flowers one of which is not money, but a ceremonial coin.


When this meter is filled the screen goes white and you can hear romantic talk coming from the woman implying sexual interaction, at the end of the date we see the player awarded with a new weapon for his combat missions.  Now keep in mind this mode is optional so no one is forced to do this however to this i ask the following;

- Why do people look at certain issues in this medium and demand change as if the game creators opinion is law?

- Who looks at video games as a symbol of morality and principles?

What someone depicts in a movie, or book or painting or video game has no effect on your immediate lives.  When there is a string of shootings or other acts of violence by teenagers people blame video games, why?  Why is it when these travesties happen the parents are overlooked, the question of how the gun made it into the child’s hands are overlooked, or what caused this person to want to cause violence is overlooked and media immediately jumps to it must be video games that are the problem.  The same can be said for sexism, if a man is being sexist look at his upbringing, look at his personal behavior, it would be ludicrous to assume that one activity of a person’s life is the sole reason for their rude behavior.  As always I leave the comment section open for discussion, stay Golden and Game on.

Welcome to the other side of the portrait

Welcome one and all to my other activities this blog will focus on the other aspects of my life that aren’t completely absorbed by gaming, such as food, clothes and whatever I happen upon that makes me feel nostalgic. The sections of this blog will be:

Cerebral Therapy

  • Here I list music that helps me into a certain frame of mind

Senex Thesaurum: Life

  • Here I show things that I find that make me think on the past

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  • Whatever fast food, hole in the wall restaurant, or chow I happen to be munching on at the time


  • The finer things in life such as clothes that I try and enjoy


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  • My thought’s on topics that I encounter in my life

I just supported Phonebloks on @ThunderclapIt // @davehakkens A very cool megaman like idea

Gamer News Opinion: Are We Good….?

A lot of people think that Microsoft, even through there constant fixes of their mistakes is still in the doghouse with gamers, why?  With everything that Microsoft has done to right themselves people still count them out, I can’t understand why.  The past has shown that if you make amends people will forgive you, for instance; Sony made a far worse misstep by First stating that hacking had not been taking place to their customer’s financial database, and then owning up to the fact that there was.  And yet people still store there financial information on their server’s.  I fail to see why Sony gets a pass on this sort of thing but Microsoft has to do a number of things to right themselves and people still complain.  At this point the only thing Microsoft has to do is lower the price of the Xbox One to $499 to $399 and somehow I believe people will still complain, which leads me to question what people view as necessities when supporting a company.  As always….

Stay Golden and Game On,

Underground Gamer 

Gamer News Opinion: Are Video Games Art?


For something that is enjoyed like video games, I choose to place it in the category of art.  Art is an expression of life, (Art imitates life, life imitates art),and to say that video games are to childish and to juvenile to be considered a form of art is ludicrous and a remnant of a past generation that simply do not understand a changing venue.  I challenge anyone who claims a video game cannot be considered an expression of art to look at every single movie, every single novel, and every single picture or painting ever made, especially those which are considered controversial or just smut.  If one is found that is believed to badly represents the art form,(Deepthroat,Feast,Twilight,Fifty Shades of Grey, a sculpture by David Cerny, or a picture by Duchamp), if any of these examples are considered the bane of it’s art form then it isn’t an art form, because it created an avenue for these pieces.  Now that would be barbaric, to hold a certain standard for someone’s form of expression however perverted or full of fantasy or full of debauchery.  The same should go for Electronic Entertainment, don’t look at the Call of Duties or The God Of War’s, or the any one thing that is ultra-violent or ultra-perverse, or simply a cash grab and then condemn the entire medium. Take each game or movie or novel or comic book or whatever and review it on it’s own merit not on what you think it is or what you think it represents.

Stay Golden and Game on


Senex Thesaurum: A Wonderfull Dream


The first title that I have played in the Legend of Zelda series; The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX is a wonderful portable journey into a classic LOZ story. Beginning as not many LOZ games do, with Link on a boat in the middle of a storm , quickly turns up many questions which I would not find the answer to until years later, however as a child this all filled me with wonder and curiosity.  


While the game does not explain where Link was going on his voyage the adventure introduced by the island and it’s inhabitant’s quickly pushes this question to the back of your mind.  It is replaced with a town containing unique characters a few whom you encounter while exploring the island from time to time, including one character who tracks your progress by breaking the fourth wall.  ( If you get to his home before you begin the main quest ,A character will follow you around the world with a camera taking pictures of link at different intervals in the game.  You can then take these pictures and print them out on the Game Boy Printer, the 1990’s child inside me says this is pretty nice.)  Without giving away the story I’ll give a brief synopsis of the story and continue with the experience.


Upon wrecking his ship Link is rescued by a young lady and her father who take him into their home in the main town of the island.  They explain to link that the monsters who live on the island along with them are beginning to act violently which causes the villagers to remain in there homes for the most part.  Upon recollecting his gear and attempting to enter the Island’s mysterious forest, Link is meet by a talking owl who explains that in order to leave the island and continue on his voyage he must wake the wind fish.  


The Wind fish is a deity that reigns over the island and the surrounding seas, which causes link to travel the entire island in order to wake.  Why the Wind Fish is sleeping and how link attempts to wake him I will leave for you to discover.  What do I look like the internet ?, no spoilers around here, but the joy of self-discovery abounds, EXCELCIA!! ……..Cough, cough, ahem, anyway the game itself is a bright and cute first entry into the LOZ series for Nintendo’s portable handheld.  


Each area is bright and vibrant with it’s own enemies, (Some which can’t be killed, just so you know, but which one?!?!?!?!), the music is chipper at time’s and at others surprisingly pleasant and soulful.  The fact that there is a part in this game which instigates emotion through the scene itself and music just shows how Nintendo can master a smaller screen experience.  Even without the promise of a nostalgia trip, I would recommend this game for those who would enjoy playing a handheld chapter in the story of LOZ. (Don’t forget your Game Boy Printer)


                                                                                                 As always,

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Looking Forward: Back from limbo?


They Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kingdom Hearts 3, Mirror’s Edge, Star Wars:Battlefront, Final Fantasy XV, Crimson Dragon, RYSE, Thief, and Killer Instinct.  All games nobody was sure was making a comeback but games which gamers are ready for all the same. (Check YouTube for E3 reactions especially this one:

In a day that may thought would never come (Hence the picture below), games of much speculation and hopeful emergence have finally arrived, now all we have to do is wait for them to be released,(Oh time you are a long-suffering mistress).


It’s great to witness a E3 where new consoles are shown and games long thought forgotten have been pushed to the forefront.  We can finally see where Kingdom Hearts story leads or ends.  Mirrors Edge has gotten another chance to introduce a world of park-our.  To hear the words ring in the air as someone gets a COMBO BREAKER!!!!  To see the stellar rail shooter that is Crimson Dragoon, hopefully with a competent kinect 2.0 use.  I can storm the Star Wars universe as a storm trooper, I can carve out a empire fighting barbarians, oh the possibilities.


Star Wars:Battlefront, STAR WARS:BATTLEFRONT need I say more, (Yes), this game shows what could be a break in the mold of the MMO genre.  It’s cool to see some Lucas Arts games finally coming out of this Disney buy-out, and so many more to come.  I’m still holding out hope for the revival of Star Wars 1313,…….PLEASE bring it back Disney, you got enough money!!!!!! 


The chance to play some long awaited games is a great feeling to a gamer, especially to a new generation who can now be introduced to a new world in the gaming world.  


Still, are there any games that you guys  are still waiting for to make a return from the digital graveyard.  I can think of one (Oni aka Ne-Yo)!!!!!  As always,

                                                                       Stay Golden and Game on,

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Gamer News Opinion: PS3 to PS4: Physical Ambiguity?


I see a very odd future for the gamers who enjoy the physical benefits of gaming collections.  Imagine if you will, you’ve just purchased a Collectors edition of a new game you’ve been looking forward to.  You go home, pop it in your PS3 , and you strive to complete the game and collect those trophies.  When you finish, you turn off your PS3, turn on your PS4, log into your account and load your trophies over into the newer console, why? Why must I go through so many hoops in order to have everything I want on my one go-to console.  Sony as well as Microsoft is a culprit of this strange no mans land between the the current generation and the next generation which Sony is attempting to handle through Gaikai.  Now for my perspective this is fine up to a certain point in which you run into the desire of physical benefits.  Imagine if you could buy Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 remix Limited Edition for the PS3 but it contained a digital code for Gaikai or allowed you to verify your purchase on Sony’s newest iteration of PSN for their next console, therefore giving you a physical and digital copy of the game, is that so difficult to adhere, perhaps?  Maybe I’m just speculating but a way to enjoy “Everything, Everywhere” as Sony’s latest tagline for Gaikai is, may want to consider this.  What do you guy’s think let me know in the comment section below, so as always,

                                                                       Stay Golden and Game on,

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Looking Forward : Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain


By now you may be aware of may admiration of one Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series.  I enjoy the perspective that he brings to the gaming world, a far east (or west depending on your location), point of view on war, espionage, cinema, and certain themes that concern conflict and role of government.  His newest entry into the the foyer of his stealth action series is an intriguing new breed of game. With any Kojima prod. game there is always mystery, suspense, and plenty of speculation, and this game already has plenty, Which is amazing seeing how only three gameplay videos have been released.  Players want to know everything about his games way before the actual games comes out.  They want to know who the main character is, who the main antagonist is, and what events from the story can they possibly predict, which for a Kojima game is always up in the air.  Kojima being the master of trolls is always leaving hints and Easter eggs which lead gamers down many trails some to dead ends, but all fun and engaging.  


Breaking the fourth wall is nothing new to a Metal Gear game and I’m hoping this new entry is nothing different.  After hearing from the KP alert (Kojima Productions Staff-Hosted podcast), that the new game will include interactivity between the game and second hand devices such as tablets and smartphones.  I am very excited to see what Kojima has planned for a second screen experience,  I’m also excited to see how a “New breed of stealth” translates into a more challenging gameplay.  In previous games the challenge of stealth ranged from the beginner’s level of it taking a while for the enemy to notice you to European Extreme where being spotted is an automatic game over.  I want to be challenged in more ways than that.  I want to be careful of noises, of my surroundings.  I want to feel careful of how I stealth through a open-world game.  Also I’ll probably hold off on buying this game until the DEFINITIVE version comes out,(Lord knows Konami can re-release the same thing over and over again, much like Capcom).  So, if there are Metal Gear fans give me some feedback in the message section, (What’s on your mind), so as always,

                                                                        Stay Golden and Game on

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Gamer News Opinion: E3 Review : Microsoft not that bad?


A Rough Start

Microsoft came in to this E3 painted into a corner, revealing the system itself a few weeks earlier as well as showcasing it’s capabilities to sync with your cable provider, but disappointing gamers by only showing two games and not addressing rumors of an always online console and no used games policy. This compounded into a more hazed image of the machine by key members of Microsoft giving conflicting information to press. Here’s what went right and what went wrong with these tactics:

Pre-E3 is Pre E3…..

Pushing disappointment aside, if a member of Microsoft says going into a PRE-E3 event that it’s not about games wait for E3, (Which is all about GAMES), what is there to be mad about.  Yes XBOX plays games of course, but it also uses Netflix among other content viewing apps.  Accepting that gamers are not the only faction that they can appeal to is not a sign of betrayal, it’s just the hat XBOX is wearing at that time.  The pre-E3 event was for showing casuals, (who for some reason may only use their console for viewing Netflix), what the next generation of this machine can do.  This machine can sync with your cable box and allow you to go from cable to gaming flawlessly,(Supposedly), it also allows you to use Skype, screen-in-screen capabilities, and voice command via Kinect 2.0 to communicate with friends and experience TV shows and movies in a new and interesting way.  So as a whole Microsoft used this event to draw in and appeal to casuals and show off enough of the right games to appeal to the people who may only buy Call of Duty games. However, it may not have been the best choice to have the conference at 9:00 a.m Eastern Time, but one way or another   the information got to the desired target.  The main problem of this event was after the event, Microsoft employees not matter how high up the ladder need to have a concise and united statement to all  the questions that the media may ask.  If your not ready to comment on something then just say that, or better yet give the PR response of not commenting on rumor or speculation.  The people on the floor being interviewed needed to have a plan of when and how they were going to deliver information to people who were ready to go over it with a fine toothed comb, Microsoft did not do this.

  • Pre-E3 event grade: B-
  • Microsoft put the hook in the water to appeal to the casuals,(Filthy casuals) but didn’t deliver on Q&A. 

The Appetizer

Now that that’s been dealt with , we can go on to the big shindig of E3, so what happened?  Microsoft came in, steeped up, and showed their hand.  It was very smart of Microsoft to reveal the first gameplay trailer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at their World Wide Press Conference, this shows people that the Metal Gear series is present on a console besides PS4, which cuts into the availability of the game aided by the fact that Xbox360 players were able to play The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, which allowed to 360 gamers to be caught up with the series to the point of MGSV.  Microsoft went on to appeal to current 360 owners by mentioning the games that will most likely close out the current-generation: 

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • World Of Tanks: 360 Edition
  • Splinter Cell:Blacklist
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
  • Batman: Arkham Origins
  • Max : The Curse of Brotherhood
  • Dark Souls II

Main Course

Microsoft then went on to show 16 games for the XBOX ONE, 15 of which were exclusive or got exclusive content first, 8 of which were new I.P’s:

  • Ryse: Son of Rome ( A graphically stunning game that shows of what next-gen can do, while still dragging it’s feet into a new generation with a hangover of past-gen, a little too many button prompts.)
  • Killer Instinct ( This game filled a empty spot inside me I completely forgot about, this game looks beautiful, however the free-to-play aspect still keeps me at arms length, how much will saber wolf be?)
  • Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac’s shift to a XBOX exclusive surprised be but after showing there new game, the more the merrier, it seems interesting enough to keep me waiting for new information.)
  • Forza Motorsport 5 (This is the first Forza game to actually grab my interest and honestly, it convince’s me to pick up a racing simulator besides Need for Speed.  I can really get into the “drivetar”,(I know), concept of using the power of the Xbox Cloud to actually copy my driving style and use it as a representative of my digital self for when I’m not even playing the game, impressive.)
  • Minecraft Xbox One Edition ( Eh, I wasn’t really into Minecraft, (Checked YouTube), until I saw people making giant Pokemon and the entire world of kingdom Hearts, The world of 8-bit Megaman HERE I COME!!!!)
  • Quantum Break ( The creators of Max-Payne, making a Xbox exclusive game that is part videogame, part choose your own adventure live-action show, what more do I need to say,….seriously what else?)
  • D4 (Swery65 + Kinect 2.0……That is all.  Actually as long as he doesn’t rip off another show without giving dues were cool.  Twin Peaks = Deadly Premonition)
  • Spark (Essentially Little Big Planet for Microsoft, however this doesn’t diminish the game itself it’s actually a compliment, this game I feel will open up an avenue for a lot of user creativity.)
  • Crimson Dragon (It LIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEESSSSSSS. Also no music, clap…clap,clap……clap.  If your from New York City you’ll understand.)
  • Dead Rising 3 ( Did not expect this game, also a lot of zombies, a nice showing of XBOX ONE computing power.  Also, Second-screen air-strike,hmm.)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (An interesting entry into next-gen with item and character development optional from your tablet or smartphone, this game sorta of pushes me to try the other games in the series.)
  • Battlefield 4 ( At this point in time, this game greatly outpaces Call of Duty:Ghosts in look and scale.)
  • Below ( An indie game that grabs me and makes me strain my eyes, hopefully there will be a zoom function.)
  • Black Tusk Studio Game (Syphon Filter 2?, perhaps, not enough information to tell for now.)
  • Halo 5 (It was a matter of time, but excited all the same, can’t say much for where the stories going at this point, maybe it’ll have something to do with the Halo show.)
  • Titanfall ( Call Of Duty + Orbital Drop Mech’s + Jet pack’s……… excuse me while I clean  the floor around my PC.) 


  • SmartGlass                                                                                     TheXBOX SmartGlass app is a match-up of an on the go experience with your tablet or smartphone device which allows you to essentially control how you will play your games, start matches, check the progress of you and your friends on all of your collective games, all while on the go.  It also allows you to record, edit, share, and livestream your matches with your friends via Twitchtv and Skype.
  • XBOX LIVE                                                                                   Stating that current XBOX LIVE members GOLD account’s would cross over to the XBOX ONE was a no-brainier this late in the game.  The act of also adopting a Playstation Plus like system by giving Xbox Live Gold Members access to two (Fairly old) free game’s a month is a step in the right direction.  The ability to not stop the amount of people on your friends list has also been eradicated,while allowing everybody that has a profile on the same box to share the benefits of one persons XBOX LIVE gold account is nice, also moving from Microsoft points to local currency is soooo much better, down with points. However, Sony as well as Microsoft have failed to handle the crossing over of digital media by not allowing PSN and XBOX LIVE members to bring over their current game purchases, not cool.

The Sting at the end of the meal (The Bill)

Microsoft had to address two things in order to win E3:

Price Subsidy  

Now granted Microsoft may not have been ready to say that for $200-$400 down and a monthly price of $60 (or however) for the price of XBOX Live Gold or a ISP or Cable provider you could get a an XBOX ONE,  But it would have helped to at least mention that possibility as a definite reality, just wait for details, that’s all they had to do,they’ve done it before. 


Maybe it’s because they didn’t realize they had to sell always online to gamers, (or how gamers see it a “prison sentence” to an innocent man) or they just felt like they could surf on the success of their last console, (like Sony tried before), but Microsoft completely dropped the ball on explaining anything to do with their DRM policies.  They gave mixed response’s just like before or straight up just didn’t plainly answer the question’s, Don Mattrick gave the STUPIDEST ANSWER EVER concerning people who aren’t able to buy an XBOX ONE (, to try and help a sinking ship, Major Nelson attempted to try and patch the hole in the quickly sinking ship but kind of came across as arrogant and didn’t really explain any other benefit to always-online besides family sharing ,(see for yourself : 

  • E3 event grade: C+
  • Microsoft showed us a very cool way to step into the next-gen with games and features, but still destroyed any chance of answering key questions to how they plan on doing this with a online check-in or altered used games policy.

So guys tell me what you think, feedback leads to the best conversation. So guys once again,

                                                                       Stay Golden and Game on,

                                                                                Underground Gamer 

Gamer News Opinion: Naked Snake, David Hayter no more,a good thing?


   A Few weeks before E3, news hit of a shocking upheaval in the gaming world.  David Hayter, long-standing voice of popular video game character’s Naked snake and Solid Snake for more than a decade, is being replaced for the next installment of the Metal Gear series.  Initially, I was as shocked and appalled as many of you gamers were but as anything to do with Kojima Productions I soon started on the long road of metal gear speculation.


 The newest game itself, (Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes & Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain), were cloaked in mystery until an official reveal and description some months later after the VGA’s(Video Game Awards), so following the trail of speculation is not hard to believe. Primarily, I was on the trail many gamers were of the fact that the voice actor for the Japanese version of the game would remain the same while David Hayter was being replaced.


Curious , until Hideo Kojima (Founder of Kojima Productions and The Metal Gear Series), himself explained that he wanted a more mature voice performance with this new game which he wants to mark a new direction for the series.  Odd, seeing how David Hayter himself is in his late 40’s, however after hearing the new voice actor (Keifer Sutherland), I ….. I …. I ……I can see why kojima wanted him.  The level of emotion and vigor he brings to the performance is shocking to say, takes a step past David Hayter’s.  Where David Hayter’s voice was cool and something you’d imagine a superhero to sound like, Keifer Sutherland’s is real and engaging, not to say David Hayter’s performance is bad, it’s just not in the same flavor as Keifer Sutherland’s I am surprised to say. To take another brazen step forward I can see David Hayter’s voice in the prequel game (Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes) blend into Keifer Sutherland’s for the main game (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain), can anybody else…….no…….just me?  Anyhow , Please let me know what you think in the comments section below.  From a pleasantly surprised individual;

                                                                     Stay Golden and Game On!,

                                                                                 Underground Gamer