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Gamer News Opinion: Are Video Games Art?


For something that is enjoyed like video games, I choose to place it in the category of art.  Art is an expression of life, (Art imitates life, life imitates art),and to say that video games are to childish and to juvenile to be considered a form of art is ludicrous and a remnant of a past generation that simply do not understand a changing venue.  I challenge anyone who claims a video game cannot be considered an expression of art to look at every single movie, every single novel, and every single picture or painting ever made, especially those which are considered controversial or just smut.  If one is found that is believed to badly represents the art form,(Deepthroat,Feast,Twilight,Fifty Shades of Grey, a sculpture by David Cerny, or a picture by Duchamp), if any of these examples are considered the bane of it’s art form then it isn’t an art form, because it created an avenue for these pieces.  Now that would be barbaric, to hold a certain standard for someone’s form of expression however perverted or full of fantasy or full of debauchery.  The same should go for Electronic Entertainment, don’t look at the Call of Duties or The God Of War’s, or the any one thing that is ultra-violent or ultra-perverse, or simply a cash grab and then condemn the entire medium. Take each game or movie or novel or comic book or whatever and review it on it’s own merit not on what you think it is or what you think it represents.

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